Unlock your event and enter a world of possibilities.
RAI holds the key – just make yourself at home.

In many ways, creating an event can be seen as designing a home for your brand: a place where your business comes to life, where your organisation actively engages with people, knowledge institutions, innovation networks and government bodies. A place that empowers you to increase global exposure.

The power to bring people together, energise and engage communities – it’s all in the house and it has been our hallmark since 1893. Let’s bring all key stakeholders from your ecosystem – influential innovators, industry leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs, universities – to the table. Together, we have the ability to spark your event and take your business to the next level, ensuring that everything is in place to exceed expectations. RAI Amsterdam is not just any place. It’s a home for your event to thrive.

Our house is your home. Welcome home. Explore the house.

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